Waiheke Radio is a Low Power FM station broadcasting in mono on 88.3 and stereo on 107.4FM. We should be receivable on 107.4 from around Matiatia all the way to Surfdale; and  88.3 from Surfdale to Onetangi including Palm Beach and Ostend.

However, if you are having some trouble picking us up then its probably due to the low strength of the broadcast signal. They don't call it Low Power FM for nothing!

Here are some ideas to help improve the quality of your reception.

1. If you are using a Tuner/Amplifier and you experience interference or static then the reception strength needs improving. Connect an FM antenna to your tuner. Mostly a short piece of wire plugged into the FM aerial plug will do the trick. If this still does not produce desired results then you may need to connect to an external antenna or get a longer piece of wire. External antennas can be found at Gulf Sound and Vision in Ostend.
2. If you are using a portable radio then make sure the aerial is extended and turn the radio around until you experience clearer reception.
3. If you are using a car radio then make sure the aerial is up! You should be able to hear the station all the way from Matiatia to Onetangi (if you change stations half way) however some low lying areas may experience selected blind spots.

If you can't pick us up at all at home then try listening in to our stream. Enjoy!

We'd like to know where the places are on the island where our signal just doesn't reach. Email us at studio@waihekeradio.org.nz if you can't receive us at all and let us know where you live.

Waiheke Radio offers the facilities, advice, training and technical support for Waiheke residents to create and broadcast their own radio programmes and to provide radio that reflects the unique character and needs of the Waiheke community.