Once you've logged in to the website you should have a box like this appear on the bottom of the right hand column.

Click on Create Content, then in the next screen click the Blog entry link. This will present you with a blank series of forms for creating a blog entry.

In the actual textbox where you would type the main body of your blog post and where you will insert the image, click on the Insert/Edit Image button.


This should pop-up a dialog box titled Image Properties. Click the Browse Server button that is next to the URL field.

This should open up the File Browser window. Near the top of this window is an "Upload" link (1); click this to reveal the upload dialog. Browse (2) for the file on your machine, then click the "Upload" button (3). Once the file has uploaded you should see it appear on the bottom part of that screen.

Clicking on the image itself (4) should close this window and take you back to the Image Properties dialog where you will now see a preview of your image.

You can resize or align from here if you like. Once done, click "OK" and you will return to your blog editing area with the image now inline.

Waiheke Radio offers the facilities, advice, training and technical support for Waiheke residents to create and broadcast their own radio programmes and to provide radio that reflects the unique character and needs of the Waiheke community.